A single banking API for more than 120 Nordic Banks

As a Third Party Provider, you will gain access to more than 120 banks across, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Faroe Island in a single connection.
To see which bank (ASPSPs) you can connect with through the API follow this link: https://www.sdc.dk/Kunder
The API are based on the international standard of PSD2 APIs defined by Stet.

Creating the next generation

We look forward to on board you and create the next generation of banking experience for our customers.

How to connect

All you need to do is, fill in the form and submit it. After this the on boarding process starts. We will contact you, in order to enrol you as a TTP.
This including enrolment with the desired services: Payment initiation service, Account information service or Payment instrument issuer Service. These roles are as defined in the directive.
In the process you will receive the necessary documentation on API and how to connect save and secure, this including access to our sandbox environment, where you can test your services.

TPP Application form