A single banking API for more than 120 Nordic Banks

As a Third Party Provider, you will gain access to more than 120 banks across, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Faroe Island in a single connection.

To see which bank (ASPSPs) you can connect with through the API follow this link: https://www.sdc.dk/Kunder
(Note that SkandiaBanken has a unique solution. For more on this please contact Skandiabanken directly)

The APIs are based on the international standard of PSD2 APIs defined by Berlin Group, see https://www.berlin-group.org/nextgenpsd2-downloads.

We look forward to getting you started on our APIs.


All you need to do is, fill in the form and submit it. After this the on boarding process starts.

We will then issue you a set of access credentials to our Access Provider (that generates the JWT token you need to access) and the API Manager, where you can find details on and call the API.

The SDC API allows the same access to payment accounts and payments as other SDC channels. This includes Domestic, Instant, Cross border, Periodic payments and account information requests that can be carried out for both Private and Business accounts.

Note that you have to be approved or passported to use your approval in one of the nordic countries that SDC service to gain access

How to connect

You can see the Swagger file on the Authentication endpoint here https://auth.sdc.dk/swagger/index.html
Once you gain access to our API Manager then you will also be able to see the swagger for our BG Standard implementation of the API's
Upon request we can also send you a reference implementation based on postman scripts for each of the API functions.

We hope that you will have a good experience in connecting to the API. Should you need further assistance or clarfication on errors received from the API then please use the support template available on this site or contact the bank you wish to connect to.

TPP Application form

TPP Support form


Berlin Group Swagger with descriptions detailing SDC implementation.
Download and open in a swagger editor.
Right click to download

Getting started document detailing where, what and how to call the SDC interface.

Postman collection with examples of API calls that work with each interface.

Test result with text examples of input and output messages for each of our interfaces.

Performance statistics

Dear user

Below please find the amount of transactions and average performance of requests for the SDC PSD2 interface.

2021 Q1-
2020 Q4-
2020 Q3-
2020 Q22020 Q2
2020 Q12020 Q1
2019 Q42019 Q4

Equivalent reference numbers from other eBanking channels are comparable in terms of performance. These numbers are being compiled and will be added shortly.

SDC PSD2 team